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Mixtape #3: One for the Road

Not the most emblematic song of the playlist, and by far an outlier, but I feel like all I’ve been talking about round these parts have been the latest Spoon album and Paul Cary. So I chose this Raveonettes track cos I wanted to make sure they got some deserved attention, too. Pe’ahi's not a bad album per se, and it's doing a nice job at introducing me to the band


1. The Curse of China Bull| Paul Cary| Ghost of a Man

2. In the Pines| Smog| A River Ain’t Too Much to Love

3. Let Me Be Mine| Spoon| They Want My Soul

4.Killer in the Streets| The Raveonettes| Pe’ahi

5. Green Monster| Paul Cary| Ghost of a Man

6. Teenage Spaceship| Smog| Knock Knock

7. Don’t Kiss Me| Paul Cary & the Small Scarys| Coyote


Illustration by Todd Baxter
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Illustration by Todd Baxter

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Here’s John “El Naranjo” Boehner’s favorite new video, it’s called “Do You,” and it’s off our new album They Want My Soul, out August 5th.

John “El Naranjo” Boehner 😂

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Mr. Britt Daniel hasn’t changed a bit @spoontheband @sxsw 
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Mr. Britt Daniel hasn’t changed a bit @spoontheband @sxsw 

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Jul 26, 2014

The New Spoon Album

Is absolute 🔥🔥

Oh lord. “Inside Out” is gorgeous. The modern day, all grown up Hermione. And “Do You” is addicting.

Inspired enough to write a review soon.


Jul 22, 2014

The Curse of China Bull and Garage Rockabilly

There’s something about Ghost of a Man that really makes me want to go to a dark corner of Mississippi and meet the devil. Never in my life did I think I would want to be even close to Mississippi. I’ve had and still have plenty of contempt for the South, but if recent trips to Bonnaroo have done anything is give me an appreciation for the South, even if it’s still mostly a backwoods area full of similarly backwoods people.

There’s something entirely fascinating about Southern culture. The swamps hide the secrets of its cotton plantations. The closest thing to a landed American gentry used to reside in the Antebellum South. Lynchings, Jim Crow, the Confederacy, Robert E. Lee and William Faulkner; all of these build a Southern mythos and a mythos entirely unique to the American states.

That’s what Paul Cary is so successful at recreating in Ghost of a Man. It’s a tribute to the American Southern mythos. It introduces the listener to a world where men with thick Cajun accents reside in swamps, where men play on jugs and where Robert Johnson traded his soul to the Devil in exchange of fame and glory. And it would be totally unfair to call Ghost of a Man as an exercise in aesthetic, dismissing it as it would be just another Tarantino film; because there are some solid, great tunes in this album!

Take for example the opening track “The Curse of China Bull” a rompy, rockabilly track where Cary reminisces about a long career in the punk rock scene. While the garage aesthetic has been recently used and abused by a wide range of hype bands, Cary does something here entirely inventive with the modern day genre. He harkens it back to the days of old blues musicians like Robert Johnson and Lead Belly. It is a history lesson on the real roots of rock and roll, of Southern Gothic novels, andhe is damn phenomenal at it.

I can honestly see this album becoming a top 10 favorite of mine, pretty soon. And I can honestly see myself delving much deeper into the world of Delta Blues musicians and listening to old ‘78’s and I want to sincerely thank Cary for that.

Grade: A+

Outstanding Tracks:

  • "The Curse of China Bull"
  • "Angel from Heaven"
  • "Ghost of a Man"
  • "Bad People"
  • "Green Monster"
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I discovered many a new gem on the most recent Flamgirlant mix tape, this Paul Cary track being one of them (and probably my favourite). It comes off a really great album called ‘Ghost of a Man' (released way back in 2010). It sounds like it should be playing on the juke box in an episode of True Blood, in a scene where something bad is about to happen. Or a scene where something bad just happened. Or when two people are about to have sex. Which, I guess, means it sounds like it could be played in any scene of True Blood.

Side note, through the discovery of Paul Cary and the internet clicking that followed, I ended up finding out about Candy Dinner, who are doing something cool.

Paul Cary: Facebook | Bandcamp 

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more garage rock trash here:

can’t not blog da mums

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Paul Cary - Coyote (2009)

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Love the 50s/60s influence on production.

Gonna eventually try to listen to Delta Blues. And I will thank Paul Cary for it

Jul 15, 2014

New Name and Version 3

I’m going to be focusing on reviewing albums on this blog from here on out. It’s going to turn into an outlet for my musical obsessions, as well as an outlet for me to practice my writing.

I won’t be sharing much from my Instagram on here anymore, and the subject matter for this blog will be strictly the music I am listening to and my thoughts about it. Yup, that means I’m cutting out any insight into my personal life. Can’t remember if I shared much, anyways.

I don’t want to put a strict timetable on when I’m going to be pushing reviews. I have various ideas I want to put into work through this blog and I think it’s better if I just allow a bit more of spontaneity and free-flow into my rigidly throughout, planned out and organized life. Sometimes a bit of flexibility can do wonders.

All opinions are mine, blah blah, blah blah. Let’s get on with this. Genuinely excited for this

My favorite from St. Annie and the new Spoon album preorder
Jul 15, 2014

My favorite from St. Annie and the new Spoon album preorder

Reliving my middle school days and K.Dot
Jul 10, 2014

Reliving my middle school days and K.Dot